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Numerology the Romance in Your Name ebook download
Numerology the Romance in Your Name ebook download

Numerology the Romance in Your Name. Juno Jordan

Numerology the Romance in Your Name
ISBN: 9780875162270 | 362 pages | 10 Mb

Download Numerology the Romance in Your Name

Numerology the Romance in Your Name Juno Jordan
Publisher: DeVorss & Company

In traditional numerology, each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number value, shedding light on the meaning of names. Is this a good time to start a romantic or business relationship? Your name and your birth date are two significant codes that can help you to know yourself, so that you can make the best personal version in this life play you have been playing now. The 2 person fears every kind of loss. In numerology, the key relates a person's name and birthdate with that person's nature. Your free and exclusive Chinese numerology reading is below… Chinese Numerology Chart Based on these Birth Details. I have written my thoughts in blue. They need a home base despite globe-trotting most of the time. So, the sum of the numbers in your birth date, month, and year, as well as the sum of the letters of your full name, all point to an interrelation of vibrations. I hope this article can be of help in making your decision. Of course that's only the beginning. Many people who request a numerology reading don't realize that you change your name or stick with the one you've got? Pazaniappa Thirunavukkarasu · Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Each letter has a numeric value that represents a certain vibration. Name: Kristine Lynn Evener Date of Birth: November 28, 1971. A PREVIEW OF YOUR LIFE PATH: To uncover your Life Path just Spiritual, altruistic, a leader, magnetic, romantic and prophetic. 22) If your compound number is 22, Philanthropy Within these two, the date and name, you are given the clues to discover what your soul has chosen for its destiny and karmic corrections during this present incarnation. Nine You are humanitarian, compassionate, generous, romantic, passionate, idealistic, impressionable, independent, conceited, lacking emotional stability, and bad-tempered. They have a trait of fearing shadows of fears. 2 People possess a very romantic nature and are secretly 'psychic'. Many follows Numerology developed by Pythagoras', Chaldean and others, calculate your lucky number here You will make a good philanthropist. The derivatives of these numbers can be the key to a great deal of up your own business venture.

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